Stutteri Lox breeds quality horses for dressage and showjumping

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Flame Lox Colt (dressage) 2015
Fay Lox Filly (jumping) 2014
Other horses in
our stable:
Quintessa Lox Broodmare (jumping) 2009
Madigan Lox Broodmare (dresssage) 2007
Caloua Lox Broodmare (jumping) 2001
Visage Lox Broodmare (dressage), 1993
Sold horses:
Chiara Lox Mare (jumping) 2005
Cassiopeia Lox Filly (dresssage) 2008
Zanadu Lox Colt (dressage) 2008
Dresscode Lox Colt (dressage) 2008
Morgan Lox Colt (dressage) 2007
Chandler Lox Colt (jumping) 2007
Dublin Lox Colt (dressage) 2006
Clapton Lox Colt (jumping) 2005
Ramia Lox Filly (dressage) 2005
Jupiter Lox Stalllion (dressage) 2004
Carnival Lox Filly (jumping) 2003
Sokhar Lox Mare (dressage) 2000
Carismo Lox Stallion (jumping) 2000
Margaux Lox Stallion (dressage) 2000
Monigatti Lox Stallion  (dressage) 2001
Harmony Lox Mare (dressage) 2001
Rhapsody Lox Mare, 1999 (dressage)
Imagine Lox Gelding, 1998 (dressage)
Isabeau Lox Mare, 1997(dressage)

In the pedigrees of the horses you will find links to their family.

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